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Trax Indoor

Indoor Tracking With Custom Maps and Alerts

Trax Indoor is an asset tracking solution that provides users advanced visibility of moving assets indoors, and works in line with outdoor solutions. Visually, assets will be shown on custom maps that provide utilization data and customizable alerts on almost anything. Trax indoor is typically used by businesses in healthcare, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution, and retail. Through the Trax platform customers purchase readers and beacons specific to their tracking needs - for a monthly fee.

Maintain Visibility Of Indoor Assets In Different Rooms Or On Different Floors

Use beacons and readers together to view real-time locations of important assets in Trax on map layouts specific to your building. Readers are placed inside rooms and zones that monitor when a beacon attached to an asset moves into the reader's proximity.

Receive Real-Time Location Updates on Movement

Set alerts and notifications to notify you by email or SMS when an asset enters or leaves a room or zone. Even have the ability to review historical location data for each beacon to know when it previously moved to reduce lost assets.

Works In Line With Outdoor Tracking Solutions

Pair Indoor Trax with outdoor tracking solutions to have complete visibility of asset movement nearly anywhere.

Collect Various Data Points

Install door and temperature sensors to better understand environmental or building conditions to preserve temperature sensitive or high value goods.

Keep Utilization And Visibility High To Keep Costs Low

Monitor when and how often assets are in use or in movement. Allowing teams to learn which assets may be overused or are dormant. Create custom reports to better understand how to utilize assets to remain productive while keeping costs low.

Successfully Improve Work Management

Use as a work management solution to better understand what assets are being used and how often they are being used to gain insight. The insight will help you make decisions on whether your business should invest in additional assets to remain productive, or if it is possible to better utilize current assets to keep costs low.

Maintain Maintenance Schedules

Leverage alongside Maintenance Management solutions like ZenduMaintenance to better monitor and keep to strict maintenance schedules to prolong asset life and reduce unexpected breakdowns.

How It Works

Leverage Trax For All Your Tracking

Upload custom floor plans of buildings into Trax that associates with worksite addresses - as well as Mac ID’s of beacons and readers.

Place Devices Accordingly To Collect Data

Set readers within rooms where assets need to be tracked and drag and drop the location of the reader on the uploaded floor plan. Place beacons on important assets to follow location movement in real-time.

Configurable Rules

Monitor location movement history as well as set rules and alerts to notify users by email to SMS of movement, door sensors as well as temperatures.