Mobile Trax | Track Your Drivers Using Their Smartphones

Users are able to track worker and vehicle location from the central fleet management software once the app has been installed.
Mobile Workers have the ability to set schedules for both mileage and for GPS tracking in the app.
Mobile Workers can record trips as either business or personal for tax and business mileage logging.
Apply robust geofencing system to your workforce. Receive notifications once a driver has entered or exited a customer location.

Identify whether your workers’ phones are active and how much battery power they have left.

A Cost Effective Alternative to GPS Tracking Hardware

Track your fleet and mobile workforce without having to purchase expensive telematics devices. Know where your drivers are 24/7, increase productivity, increase revenue. If your drivers already have smartphones, there is no additional hardware needed. Simply install the fleet tracking app on their phones and start running a more efficient fleet.




Mobile GPS Worker and Vehicle Tracking

Track vehicle location and speed in real-time anytime, anywhere.


Track From Any Location at Any Time

Easily access the fleet management software from a smartphone, table or computer to track activity and manage your operation at your convenience.


Instant Notifications

Receive notifications in real time via email, text or pop up as soon as drivers enter customer locations or complete deliveries.


Android/iOS Compatible

No need for expensive hardware or complicated installation. Start tracking drivers immediately through their existing smartphones.


Live Map View

View all your vehicles on the map in real-time. In case of an emergency, send the closest driver to the emergency location.


Scalable to Your Needs

Regardless of the size of your fleet, whether its one vehicle or over one thousand, our solution can fit your needs.