Geotab 2 ArcGIS

geotab 2 arcgis

Send Live Tracking, Trips, and Rule Exceptions to ArcGIS Online. ArcGIS Online is updated live with current location of vehicles by group and can show vehicle icons against the group.

GIS City Layers Map

This add-in allows you to interact with GIS elements and routes; it incorporates GIS elements, landmarks, routes, live view of vehicles, and more.

GIS ShapeFile Import/Export Tool

GIS Shape File Importer

Drag and drop or upload shapefiles to import into MyGeotab as Zones. This importer will also check against name duplicates and give you a preview of potential zone conflicts as well.

Public Map Share


Public Map Share is a MyGeotab add-in that allows users to create public, shareable links which display vehicle location, trips, and exceptions for specific time periods.