Telematics: Exploring the Latest Trends and Innovations

Have you ever wondered how your car knows the quickest route or can call for help in an emergency? That’s telematics at work. This sophisticated technology merges telecommunications and informatics to enhance vehicle functionalities and their operational systems.  By gathering and transmitting vehicle data, telematics enables real-time tracking, automated emergency responses, and remote diagnostics, making […]

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ZenduMaps addresses fleet needs and builds smarter cities

It can be difficult to manage your assets when you aren’t sure how many you have, or where they are. Unreliable public maps can lead to costly, time-consuming problems. In today’s world of interconnectivity, it’s not enough to simply know where your assets are.    ZenduMaps is a mapping application that enables users to create […]

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How A Waste Management Industry Can Implement Smart Sensor Technology

Every day, people are taking steps towards building a brighter and more efficient future. Cities are moving to leverage new smarter technologies to create what is being called ‘smart cities’. While numerous industries will be critical in assisting with the growth of such smart cities, the waste management sector should not be overlooked in the […]

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The Next Big Thing: How Telematics Solutions Will Empower Future Smart Cities

Smart cities combine the power of data and digital technologies to improve our quality of living and help us make better decisions. More specifically they put IoT (Internet of things) sensors and embedded technologies to work and collect data and information to help businesses and municipalities better manage fleet operations, improve fleet safety, and increase […]

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Telematics Becoming Critical To Improving Company Initiatives In Waste Disposal

As a business grows, new initiatives are often put in place to help better the company. When it comes to waste disposal, fleets are typically looking to accomplish initiatives related to their environmental impact, worker morale, and promoting accountability in corporate culture. To successfully meet all of these initiatives, having a 360 telematics solution is […]

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New Product: ZenduWork

ZenduWork is a ZenduIT-made dispatching solution that allows fleets in any industry to streamline efforts, improve work order processes, optimize dispatched routes and more. This solution is available via desktop and mobile devices.  Mississauga, ON – July 28, 2020 – ZenduIT, a leader in value added telematics solutions and integrations has announced the release of […]

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