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Product Update: June 2021

New apps and features are being developed to improve fleet management capabilities, fleet safety, and efficiency.   Mississauga, ON – June 29, 2021 – This month, ZenduIT released the new ZenduOne mobile application, which includes the release of the Video Review Module on ZenduOne and Trax Indoor. The new Z1 mobile app will offer a […]

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Real-Time Coaching: Why Fleets Need It

New technologies for carriers allow for better operations and margins for their business. So taking advantage of innovative tools and strategies is key for any fleet to remain profitable. One technology that needs to be highlighted are connected cameras and how they allow for real-time coaching strategies to be implemented. Since many carriers still only […]

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Businesses Managing Finances During Uncertain Times: The Role Of Telematics

It’s important for every business to do what they can to stay profitable, however, now with uncertain times upon us, this is more important than ever before. In fact, many are looking to telematics for solutions when it comes to managing finances during uncertain times. Choosing to ignore this need to adjust could have detrimental […]

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Using Technology To Maintain Social Distancing in Fleets

Many organizations are implementing new initiatives to allow for better social distancing. While some businesses have been able to allow for work from home opportunities, others have had to drastically change how they operate. When speaking to the transportation industry, new and innovative forms of technology can be used to maintain social distancing. In fact, […]

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