The Future of Fleet Management: Predictions and Trends

The increasing importance of data analytics and AI offers opportunities for deeper insights into operations, enabling more informed decision-making and strategy development. As customer expectations continue to evolve, there is also a significant opportunity to innovate in customer service and engagement, differentiating businesses in a competitive market.

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How to Navigate Fluctuating Fuel Costs

If you own, operate, or manage a commercial fleet, gas consumption and the cost of fuel are likely top of mind. Knowing how gas prices are established and how you can positively impact your fleet’s fuel economy is the best way to arm yourself against this never-ending uphill battle.

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Telematics Are Critical For First Responders As Emergencies Are Quickly Evolving

It goes without saying that emergencies will continue to happen, and first responders will need to evolve to meet new response needs or challenges. With the rise in population and urbanization, imperfect technologies and changes in weather from climate change first responders must review how telematics technologies can help.   How a Rise in Population […]

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2020: The Year of the Electric Vehicle

Over time electric vehicles (EVs) have grown incredibly in popularity. Not only do these innovative forms of transportation bring environmental benefits, but economic advantages for consumers and businesses as well. With this being said, EVs are anticipated to continue to grow in popularity as innovation improves and the technology becomes more readily available for all. […]

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