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How Insurance Companies Can — And Should — Use Telematics Data

For many insurance providers, dash cam telematics are becoming helpful at providing more data about a commercial fleet and its operations. These data sets can be especially useful during the claims process as well as determining coverage options. Since all of the data and video footage is recorded and stored on a cloud-based platform, it […]

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Product Update: October 2021

New updates improve accessibility and ensure consistent user experience.   Mississauga, ON – October 29, 2021 – ZenduIT, a leader in commercial telematics has announced updates for ZenduIT apps ZenduMaps and ZenduTimeCard. We are working towards a goal of creating technology to improve accessibility. This is why we have designed the accessibility icon update for […]

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The Components Of A Fleet Safety Program

Accidents involving commercial trucks represent some of the most costly claims for businesses. A fleet safety program is a coordinated initiative that combines safety technology with ongoing coaching to improve driver behaviour, reduce accidents, prevent false claims, and lower costs.    A fleet safety program designed specifically for your company can help establish procedures and […]

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How Investing In Preventive Maintenance Has Long Term ROI For Fleets

Understanding The Value Of Preventative Maintenance   Businesses with fleets are being overwhelmed with their workload on a consistent basis and it’s easy to forget to have a proper maintenance schedule in place. This is because ensuring proper maintenance only really has long term benefits, which means it’s easy for it to be neglected and […]

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All-In-One Solutions Are At The Core Of Cost-Saving Strategies

Saving money is on every business’ docket this year. Resellers need to work harder to ensure they provide clients the best solution, at the best price to provide the best return. To help resellers achieve this, it’s critical that cost-saving strategies are employed by leveraging all-in-one-solutions.   The New Cost-Saving Strategy For Fleets To Implement  […]

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Fundamentals Of Building A Resilient Cold Chain

Cold chain management for the pharmaceutical industry is more than just a supply chain – it’s a lifeline that many people depend on. High-value pharmaceutical commodities are critical to human health, and they require extra care and professional handling and distribution. Most pharmaceutical products are highly temperature-sensitive and require to be stored and transported in […]

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ZenduCAM Updates: September 2020

ZenduCAM has a new UI update which has several new features, devices, fixes and enhancements which will significantly boost customer experience while using the application.    Mississauga, ON — September 23, 2020 – ZenduIT, a leader in value-added telematics solutions and integrations has announced a new update for the ZenduCAM solution. The update will be […]

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A Tech-Forward Solution To Solving Operational Congestion

Operational congestion can become expensive and businesses are often unsure of how to stop the costs from spiraling. When unresolved, congestion in highly localized environments results in a backlog of stationary assets to cause paused operations, delayed projects, lengthy completion times, and higher operational bills. Below we can discuss operational congestion and how telematics data […]

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