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CRV – ZenduWork

May 31, 2019

Zenduit’s ZenduWork is the complete dispatching software needed for CRV’s operation. With the standard templates, CRV management can now save their fleet manager’s time, by creating standard templates for all drivers on deliveries. The live map feature helped drivers as they have a visual representation of the route to the customer, and thus can pre-plan accordingly. With the bar code scanning feature, our confirmation process is streamlined as everything can be done through ZenduWork. ZenduWork was able to exceed the performance of their previous software, while also being extremely configurable. Reduced average transport time by 10 minutes on a 1-hour trip.

ZenduWork has multiple easy to use features, that allow CRV fleet dispatchers to complete work at a fraction of the time. Dispatchers can create custom forms directly on the ZenduWork, and send them to their drivers.

CRV Group Inc uses ZenduWork to dispatch work orders daily to their entire fleet. Using the optimize route dispatching feature in Zenduwork allows them to reduce travel time by 20 %. As they do rapid deliveries of approximately 1-4 hour. ZenduWork is used to handle their entire dispatching operation from start to finish. Managers quickly create and assign work orders to drivers. The process of creating a work order and dispatching streamlined, allowing the manager to save time. Drivers use the straight forward ZenduWork mobile app to view their assigned routes, message their dispatchers, and attach critical information through the file upload feature. The drivers enjoy using ZenduWork mobile app, as it is very straight forward, and does not require unnecessary procedures.

The ability to create custom forms directly on the ZenduWork platform, saves CRV money, by only needed one software rather than paying for 2 different software.

The automated form submission through Geofencing rules was a great feature for their operations. As it allowed drivers to focus on making deliveries on time, rather than spending time manually filling out and submitting forms. The delivery team was very pleased with this feature.

Previously CRV Group used a very simple and out-dated dispatching software. The capabilities of their previous software were very basic and did not provide everything CVR needed, such as optimized routing, reports, messaging, custom form creation, and a map view. Additionally, the previous software was unreliable and would periodically shut down.

ZenduWork was able to provide the complete package CRV Group Inc needed all on one platform. For instance, the forms feature on ZenduWork, made creating delivery and other types of forms a simple task streamlining the process for the manager. Additionally, the map view was useful for drivers as it provided a visual guide as to their route, giving them a better understanding of what chokepoints and traffic might be present. Lastly, the barcode scanner on ZenduWork made keeping track of work completed easy. The optimize feature was cost-effective for CRv group, as it helped reduce the travel time and gas required for routes.

Utilizing the visual map view and route optimize feature, CRV Group was able to reduce costs and improve productivity which leads to an average travel time reduction of on average transport time by 10 minutes on a 1-hour trip.

Testimonial or Quotes from Customer

“ ZenduWork was very easy to get started on, I was able to start dispatching within a week.”

“Drivers love how easy it is to use ZenduWork, only need to 2-clicks to start a work order”

– Juan, Manager

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