Mobile Fleet Management Apps | Track Your Fleet Using Your Smartphone

How to Manage Your Fleet from Your Mobile Phone

September 19, 2017

Only the fleet manager knows the operational ins and outs of his/her business, however, it’s a lot to manage alone. Mobile fleet management apps can help!

Mobile fleet management software gives you real-time information on the whereabouts of your fleet drivers, their work schedules, and delivery or pickup times. This might be just the thing to save you time, help you manage your drivers more efficiently, and help you reduce operational costs. Until recently, this type of software was only available as a high-ticket computer-based program.

Now, all that is changed.

The increased capabilities of smartphones and the development of apps that install on mobile devices has made IT transportation management solutions much more affordable – and let’s not forget, much easier to use.

Fleet Management Apps Are the Solution

In the current competitive transportation market, the right fleet tracking software helps solve management issues, decrease costs and monitor driver location. Even so, as a fleet manager, you may still be reticent to purchase and install this type of fleet management software. You might believe this type of tool is too expensive or too complicated to use – but that is not the case. A good mobile fleet management system can save time and help you view fleet driver routes and locations in real-time.

Is It Expensive?

Prior to the introduction of mobile fleet app technology, implementing high-tech software to track driver activity, reports, location, and routes was very expensive. However, new smartphone technology and mobile fleet management apps now provide a more cost-efficient option.

Now you can track your fleet and monitor driver activity without having to buy expensive proprietary software. Apps like Mobile Trax allow you to know where your drivers are located, the stops they’ve made, and so much more. This type of app offers everything you and your drivers need to manage your transportation company much more efficiently, and all you need to do to get it to work is to install it on your existing mobile phones – no need for additional hardware.

How Can A Mobile Fleet Management App Help?

Once installed, a mobile fleet management app continually tracks your driver locations and shows this information on a map that displays on your phone. It offers a visual pinpoint of driver location on the map, and includes other important information such as pick-up and delivery times as well. This information helps you increase productivity, route planning and fuel efficiency. In addition, knowing where your drivers are located at all times helps you offer improved customer service support by being able to truthfully answer questions about expected delivery times.

Is A Fleet Management App Difficult to Install?

Once you opt for mobile fleet management software, all you have to do to get started is install the management app on your phone and have your drivers install the drive app. It really is that simple.

Bottom Line

Mobile fleet management software offers a cost-effective solution to your fleet management needs. By using it, you optimize your fleet routes, driving schedules, increase productivity and reduce operational costs. The app starts to work automatically, allowing you to track your fleet drivers through the connection it makes with your fleet connected smartphones.

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