Trailer Trax

Trailer Trax devices contain a 6600mAh internal rechargeable battery. The solution also contains an integrated GPS antenna and optional motion detector.
Track trailers, containers, and heavy equipment second by second over in the Trax monitoring application.
Track asset and vehicle positions at the same time directly in MyGeotab while making full use of Geotab’s robust range of features.
Apply Geotab’s rule-based logic to your valuable assets. Run reports, generate trip history; filter by asset group and time range.

Rechargeable Trailer Tracking Solution for Valuable Assets

Trailer Trax is an IP67-rated rugged and rechargeable tracking solution with a GPS engine. Assets can be monitored through ZenduIT's exclusive Trax asset management software or in the Geotab fleet management system.

Monthly Plan Options




Self-Contained GPS Engine

Trailer Trax Devices contain an embedded and integrated GPS receiver for tracking applications.


Track All Kinds of Assets

Trailer Trax is suitable for tracking trailers, heavy equipment, as well as large and small powered and unpowered assets.


Rugged and Durable

Trailer Trax devices are IP67 rated, meaning it is highly resistant to water, dust, and impact.


Firmware Upgrades

Firmware upgrades are carried out over the air, without any need to uninstall the devices.


Extensive Inputs And Outputs

Multiple inputs allow for interfacing with various sensors to further enhance the solution to be utilized in unique applications.


optimize Asset Management

Eliminate the headache of manual counting by viewing precise geographic locations of all your assets at once.