TMW Truckmate Dispatch Software Integration

ZenduIT has integrated TruckMate to function seamlessly with the Geotab Drive platform. TruckMate is installed as an add-in to the Geotab Drive mobile application for drivers, opening up additional features such as HOS, DVIR, and advanced two-way messaging all in one consolidated application.
Receive dispatched work orders; select jobs from a list of work orders; mark arrivals and departures from job sites.
Scan documents and capture digital signatures to confirm proof of deliveries. Documents can be transmitted to the Synergize document management platform.
Build highly advanced custom forms and designs that are applicable and relevant to your key business areas.
Receive Arrival Notifications when vehicles enter specified Customer Zones.
TruckMate status updates can be viewed on the MyGeotab Live Map.
Users have the ability to create Rules in MyGeotab that will update a driver's TruckMate status when triggered.
Trip progress percentage is displayed; completed trip alerts can be sent automatically to email.
Drivers can receive automatic arrival notifications when they enter a customer location. These notifications can also prompt drivers to complete important forms.
Drivers can confirm deliveries using their mobile devices. Delivery confirmation data is transmitted to MyGeotab.

Real-Time Status & Work Order Updates

TruckMate is a robust trucking industry solution that incorporates dispatching, work order management, maintenance, asset management and billing into one solution. It is fully integrated with Geotab's telematics platform. It can be integrated and streamlined to work with other business systems using an open software development kit.




Real-Time TM Work Order Updates

Get real-time updates on work orders within Truckmate based on arrival at customer zones and/or work order form completion.


Geotab Drive Integration

Send Truckmate forms to Geotab Drive; driver forms update respective truckmate fields. Send free form messages from Truckmate to Geotab Drive & sync Geotab Drive’s HOS data to Truckmate.


Driver Arrival Prompt

Drivers are prompted to complete work orders upon arrival at a customer. (Competitive systems require drivers to manually select a work order for completion).


View Vehicles Based on Driver Status

Dispatchers can view vehicles based on driver status using Geotab status groups.


Reduced Costs

Reduced transportation costs due to better route planning and dispatching; generate ROI in months, not years.


More Detailed Trip Information

Trip % progress displayed on the MyGeotab map; email notifications sent upon trip/route completion.


Streamline & Improve Service

Dispatchers are more responsive to customer demands and updates. Faster updates allow businesses to invoice and get paid faster.


Dynamic Zone Name and Colour

Dynamic Zone name and color based on whether the customer is shipping/ shipped/ receiving/ received or has been inactive for the day.