Zenduit Software Integration Services

Sync data between Geotab and other 3rd party management systems (ie. ERP, SAP, PFW, Zoho CRM, SalesForce, etc).

Sync Data Between Geotab & Other 3rd Party Management Systems




Custom Integrations With 3rd Party Or Internal Databases

Example (3rd Party → Geotab): Update Vehicle Groups based on status, update driver/vehicle device comments, add customers as zones, sync orders as zones, sync trips as routes, etc.

Example (Geotab → 3rd Party): Update Engine Hours, Odometer, Work Completion.


Access Everything From One Centralized Location

Integrate all of your programs so that access is quick and simple.


Choose Periodic Sync Updates

Choose between daily, weekly, or monthly updates.


Have Access To More Data

Dispatch drivers according to compliance, track delivery statuses, and monitor vehicle diagnostics without any hassle.


Sync with any Protocol

Integrate any and all programs, including REST, SOAP XML, and ODBC.


Improve Response Time

Quickly view data, like which roads have been driven, plowed, or salted, and dispatch directly to drivers accordingly.