Public Map Share

Public Map Share is a MyGeotab add-in that allows users to create public, shareable links which display vehicle location, trips, and exceptions for specific time periods (i.e. Current, Last 2 Hrs, Last 4 Hrs, Today, Yesterday, etc.). The public map shows relative distance and time vehicle is away from the public map user’s location.
The Public Map Share tool displays road compliance. For example, it can show roads as green if plowed with the last 0-4 hours, or red if plowed within the last 4-8 hours. With the share link, this map can be shared internally or with the public.
The shareable public map features the ability to show one vehicle/group and customize vehicle icon types for the vehicle group. The solution also allows users to set an expiry date to shareable links.
Give your customers estimated times of arrival by providing them a link to a map view with live tracking. Users simply click any asset of their choosing to view the distance from their location.
Show your customers the status of Exceptions on the Live Map. For example, users can share with the public which roads have been plowed or salted during the winter season.

Customize and Share Your Maps




Create Shareable Links

Easily create shareable links or embed into your website.


View Proximity of Vehicles From Your Location

If a road has yet to be serviced, check the progress of the vehicle to see just how soon it will be


Set Expiry Dates for Map Links

Ensure a map will only display until the date you choose.


View Exceptions on the Map

For example: roads plowed during winter maintenance, bins collected for waste management, etc.


Add Custom Icons for Specific Vehicle Groups

Know exactly what vehicle is where with custom icons.


Share Estimated Time of Arrival

Conveniently share information with your customers such as estimated time of arrival.


View Vehicle Distance From Your Location

Click on vehicle icons to view distance from your location.


Embed Links into Your Website

Easily add links to your website to allow your customers easy access.