Dispatching Made Easy for Your Mobile Fleet

Simply click add drivers, fill in the information, and an SMS will be sent to the driver's phone asking them to download.
Once the job is added, the driver will instantly receive a notification on his phone.
Stating Organized - Easily filter jobs by job status.
A user-friendly interface, to keep everything running smooth.

Dispatching Made Easy for Your Mobile Fleet




Mobile GPS Tracking

Track vehicle location and speed in real-time, anytime, anywhere.


Track Your Drivers Anytime, Anywhere

Easily access the fleet management software from a computer, tablet or smartphone to track activity and manage your operation at your convenience.


Instant Notifications

Receive notifications via email, pop-up or text in real-time as soon as a driver enters a customer location or completes a delivery.


Android / iOS Solution

No need for expensive hardware or complicated installation. Start tracking your drivers right away through their existing smartphones.


Live Map View

View all your vehicles on the map in real-time. In the case of an emergency, easily find and send the closest driver to the emergency location.


Scalable to Your Needs

Whether you run a fleet of 1 or 1000, our solution can be customized to fit your needs.