Dual Share

Share databases with your customer, or vice versa.
Easily view your customer's databases.
See the connected devices within your customer's database.

Dual Share Your Databases

DualShare add-in allows the sharing of MyGeotab database with rental customers. Create, share and manage access to a shared database without compromising your security with hiring temporary drivers.

Create a child database to share with rental customers or temporary drivers. Share devices from your database to the child database and set restrictions for customers to manage their own rules and reports. Easily add drivers to a database using text and email notifications with instructions to download geotab drive app. Control user account access by setting up user expiry dates for (driver/Rental End) and stop share device to child database.




Share Telematics Data

Create a new database or share your Geotab database with rental drivers/users.


Manage Fleet Adherence

Customers who are renting trucks/vehicles to other rental customers can track their vehicles, monitor trip data and adhere to hours of service safety compliance.


Easily Add Drivers

Drivers receive an SMS on their mobile device to install the Geotab Drive App.


Perfect When Hiring Temporary Drivers

Customers managing/hiring temporary drivers can set expiry dates for rental users/drivers and reactivate them easily.


Activate or Deactivate Temporary Drivers

Administrative rights allow for activation/deactivation for clients such as rental customers as required.


No Compromise on Security & Personal Data

Avoid handing over a tablet/mobile device to a rental customer who can set up their own information on the device without your knowledge.