GIS ShapeFile Importer

Zendu GIS

By: ZenduIT
Solution Type: MyGeotab Add-Ins
Category: Mapping & Navigation
Region: Global
Language: Any
Minimum MyGeotab Plan: Base
Current Status: Released


gis shape mygeotab import zones from GIS shapefiles



ZenduIT’s GIS ShapeFile Importer allows you to drag and drop or upload shapefiles to import to Geotab as Zones. This importer will also check against name duplicates and give you a preview of potential zone conflicts as well.

Who Should Use This

Companies utilizing GIS data for reporting

Features & Benefits

  • Drag and drop shapefiles into Geotab Add-In
  • Mass naming by selecting shape properties or auto-incrementing
  • Preview files before import on a map
  • Warns and displays naming and shape conflicts if they already exist in Geotab
  • Mass configure zone properties of newly added zones
  • Easy tool for mass renaming. Simply re-import the shapefile and give another naming convention